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DogFight 2003 DogFight 2003

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I liked it, good pacing, homage piece

This is a cool piece, true to the silent pictures, pacing sets us up, hero and villain each have their own soundtrack, great lint and camera scratches-- did this take long; it looks obsessive but great, the music is really awesome and crisp, the biplanes, are part of them made in swift 3D?

True to form the projector has technical difficulty, love it, I love the machine gun sparks. Just out of curiousity, what had you revisit an older project?


(old vers)Dead Rain 5 (old vers)Dead Rain 5

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

So much work and just some more to be awesome

Damn that sound, and not just because it interrupt the story, the file chugged flash. Please score a copy of Cleaner 6(formerly Media Cleaner) and before your sound goes into flash, run it thru this program, you will drop so much of your sound files size, flash will then be able to focus on animating. Example: I dropped 50 mb 48,000kb stereo sound to 22,000kb mp3 stereo and it came done to 1.5 mbs just by running it through Cleaner. Sound just inherently has a lot of crap in it.

Another way to make your animation flow, because you have so much going on and your really doing a great job of pushing Flash, you having moving siloettes in the background, the outlines of zombies I mean. Instead of using symbols of the actual zombies that consist of complicated filles and lines or bitmaps, use simple shapes, like black circles symbols streched to look like the zombies in the background and have those sway back and forth. No one will know the difference and they will tax flash a lot less then the zombie symbols.

I don'r want to comment on your editing, because the overall story seemed to move slow because of the sound and playback. I'm on a titanium G4 with cable modem, so it's not my machine, you really have a lot of stuff going on. Some stuff seems like you could have cut faster, but the fighting with the Zombies and handheld camera situation is classic and awesome, it really felt like it was handheld and foreground/background movements all happened independently of each other.

Great job, but for the amount of work that you did, I really encourage you to go all the way. I will check out your other episodes.


SickDeathFiend responds:

Im about to update this with better synching.I dont know why you say to use blacked out zombies, because.. I DID..also flash is known to run slow on macs, and isnt the g4 kind of old?
Im not sure.It runs pretty smooth on my machine.Try low or med quality.
I think I'm the first to have The shaky cam effect! someone let me know if I'm not.Ihavent seen any other flash with it ;)
thanks for the review.

X-mas Greetings, NG X-mas Greetings, NG

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Perfect for the holidays

Your set up and timing was great. Download fast. Movement and art direction awesome, then you deliver. I want to send this, I'm sick of angels and damn reindeers. I'm also glad you didn't go all the way with blood and gore, it would have ruined the piece. Great job.


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groovy space invaders groovy space invaders

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Okay, if homage, then you did it

So congrads, you succeeded in creating a Space Invader game in flash, even the shooting up of the blockades is like the game, they slowly fragment. The sounds are the same, the sliding back and forth, and you got the download time very quick. I was thrown off by the groovy, that made me expect more, but variations on the Space Invaders colors is as far as Groovy gets here, fine. I played 3 levels, then turned it over to my 4 and 8 year old who ripped it up happily.

I'm giving you a review straight up that you made this. You don't have to defend yourself against every review. If your really stressing, post your source code and shut everyone the hell up. You might teach some people something about variables and nested code that it took to make this.

Good job, can you export this to have it work on a cellphone?


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rudiger2 responds:

i dont know how to export it but thanx for the review in really apreciate it. i'm glad your younger brothers licked it that really has made my day.