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groovy space invaders groovy space invaders

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Okay, if homage, then you did it

So congrads, you succeeded in creating a Space Invader game in flash, even the shooting up of the blockades is like the game, they slowly fragment. The sounds are the same, the sliding back and forth, and you got the download time very quick. I was thrown off by the groovy, that made me expect more, but variations on the Space Invaders colors is as far as Groovy gets here, fine. I played 3 levels, then turned it over to my 4 and 8 year old who ripped it up happily.

I'm giving you a review straight up that you made this. You don't have to defend yourself against every review. If your really stressing, post your source code and shut everyone the hell up. You might teach some people something about variables and nested code that it took to make this.

Good job, can you export this to have it work on a cellphone?


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rudiger2 responds:

i dont know how to export it but thanx for the review in really apreciate it. i'm glad your younger brothers licked it that really has made my day.